A truly unique celebration

Our stock of beautiful canvas Bell Tent hire options create the ideal retreat for you and your guests on your wedding day.

We have several different Bell Tent hire packages available; ranging from 2 - 6 people per tent.


Creating a Yippee glamping village for your guests means they don't have to pay for taxis and hotels and more importantly, they don't have to leave the party when it's just getting started!


With our selection of bell tents for hire we can house over 300 guests.


The range includes Bell Tent hire options ranging from a standard tent to a luxury option with Lights, matting carpet, Luxury airbeds, bedding, cushions, throws and artificial plants. 

Once your wedding date has been confirmed with us, either book your required number of tents with us or simply pop us on your invites as an accommodation option and your guests can book directly with us, meaning one less hassle for the happy couple!

All tents can be numbered - meaning your guest will know exactly which tent is theirs when they are ready for bed!

We do operate a minimum spend depending on date, location and availability. We can also offer bespoke packages if required.


We also offer our beautifully designed Bride & Groom Tent

This is a luxurious 6m Double pole bell tent


It includes a beautifully dressed real memory foam mattress, bedding, full carpet, bedside tables, lanterns and inflatable sofa.

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